“Sara’s Century” was created, written, and produced by Laurie Bernstein. Robert A. Emmons, Jr.,. assistant produced, recorded, sound designed, edited and mixed the episodes, with assistant editing and mixing by Rutgers–Camden students Anthony Diaz and Maggie Montalto. Kate Blair, web designer in the Rutgers–Camden Office of Web, New Media, and Design, created this website. Financial support was provided by the Digital Studies Center at Rutgers University–Camden and the Rutgers–Camden Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

Laurie’s colleagues, friends, and family supplied encouragement and helpful advice. She would especially like to thank Carol Avins, Andrea Bass, Becki Cohn-Vargas, Carolyn Dean, Janet Golden, Bruce Grant, Martha Hodes, Janet Jacobs, Andrew Jenks, Jeremy Jue, Lisa Kirschenbaum, Emily and Ron Levine, Kriste Lindenmeyer, Adele Lindenmeyr, Shelley May, Char Markey, Joan Neuberger, Rachel Pastan, Rakhmiel Peltz, Lorrin Thomas, Francesca Trivellato, Allen and Myra Woll, and Rito Vargas.

Special thanks to music theorist and conductor Julia Zavadsky who gave us her valuable time and brought us the beautiful voice of Sara. With just a few exceptions, everything Julia says in the podcast is a direct quote from taped interviews or letters.

Laurie is deeply grateful to Robert Emmons, Jr. for the immeasurable work he put into this project. It was his idea to present Sara’s biography in this form and it was he who brought Laurie’s narrative to life so vividly with his suggestions and immense talents as a producer.

This podcast would not be possible without the participation and support of Bob Weinberg, devoted cousin to Sara and dear, dear husband to Laurie. 

Sara’s Century is dedicated to Sara Zalevna Mebel, survivor extraordinaire, to whose life we tried to do justice.

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